my future long term relationship

So, I spent the entire weekend in DC proper. The majority of the time I was dressed as an American Gladiator.

But sometime in between the Rally to Restore Sanity and the Halloween shenanigans, I fell in love. With a salad bar.

But not just any salad bar. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Sweet Green.

This place had the best salad selection I’ve ever seen in my life. I got the “October Salad” (Mesclun with Mountain View Farm’s Feta Cheese, Sunflower Seeds, Fresh Basil, Butternut Squash, Raw Green Peppers, and Balsamic Dressing) with roasted tofu, sub goat cheese for feta, but I could have ordered anything on the menu and been in salad heaven.


Obviously my soul mate in restaurant form will serve fro yo. But not just any fro yo… STONY FIELD FRO YO!

This place is too perfect for me. Totally reasonable prices for the portions, too. I forsee a long, happy relationship between myself and this salad bar in the near future. Add Sweet Green to the laundry list of reasons I can’t wait to move into DC. 3 months in NOVA down, 3 months to go!



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