Sunday funday

Let me tell you, packing a week’s worth of fun into a 48 hour weekend is tough. work. I have an oncoming sinus infection to prove it.

But for now, we’ll ignore the repercussions of my fun weekend while I reminisce. Picking up where I left off…

So, Sunday began promptly at 930 with family brunch downtown. This is why I prefer brunch dates with my family rather than friends; I simply can’t wait until noon for a full meal! I can barely shower and dress without something in my belly. Oh college kids, with their sleep-til-noon-roll-out-of-bed-for-pancakes lifestyle… my early riser self could never fully participate.

But my family all wake up early like me so I get to enjoy a full meal straight away. I really, really wanted to take my family to Bluegrass Grill, one of my all-time favorite Cville restaurants (and rated one of the best brunches in the South), but per usual the wait was incredibly long. No big, we went to my second favorite breakfast spot: The Nook.

It has an old school diner feel- big menu, big portions, quick service. But still interesting, good quality food. And cheap. <3.

I got a lox and three cheese omelet. It was exactly the eye opener I needed to energize for… Carter’s Mountain!

Nothing more seasonal than apple picking, pumpkin patches, apple cider, apple donuts, apple butter, apple jelly… you get the point. Especially when, ahem, you live in a town that has views like this:

My good friend Colleen and I picked all sorts of apples and I bought a little mini pumpkin just for decorative purposes. Carter’s also has a country store where I stocked up on pumpkin and apple butters. Plus 50 cent mini cups of cider! Perfect.

My baby pumpkin. I chose him because he has green flecks, like my freckles, plus green is my favorite color. I think this will make a cute desk accessory.

On the way home we made a requisite Arch’s trip, and we hit the flavor jackpot. Heellloo, toffee-coffee and chocolate chip cookie dough fro-yo.

Later that evening I got ready for the night’s event: the Ratatat show at the Jefferson Theatre downtown, possibly my favorite live music venue of all time- and that is saying something.

I have been dying to try the Butterbeer (aka Southern Tier Pumpking Ale) that Kath raved about, so immediately upon arriving at Beer Run my concert companion and I ordered these:

I limited myself to one 10 oz glass. I knew it would be delicious and I would want more, but I also knew I had a pre-6am alarm clock and 2 hour commute to work in the near future. I enjoyed every drop in that glass though- Kath, you weren’t lying! I was a tiny bit worried I would find it too “flavored,” if that makes any sense, but it just tasted like a really high quality pumpkin ale with an awesome vanilla-butterscotch-toffee-cream aroma. SO GREAT!

Buzz kill of the night: they were sold out of the bottles, so I couldn’t buy any to take home! And they don’t think they’re getting more all season 😦 Kath, if you and Matt have any left, you better savor them. But come to think of it, I’m sure I could track this down somewhere in DC…. this weekend. Mission.

I got a tomato bisque and a side of sauteed veggies for dinner, good but nothing to write home about, and then it was on to the show!

… until I saw Sweet Frog. So I made us stop. And I ate fro-yo for the second time in six hours. This isn’t the first time I’ve done this. I have a legitimate, diagnosable problem. Totally worth it though, because I tried a new flavor and it might be my current favorite. Hazlenut, aka nutella fro yo. If I could swim in the stuff, I would.

THEN it was on to the show. Posed for a quick pic with my pretty friend Nicole- we were first and second year college roommates, and we’re still as tight as ever! This shot is quite misleading, however- Nicole is 6 feet tall, and she played Division 1 softball on a full scholarship for UVA. I’m 5’4. She was practically on on her knees to get down to my level 🙂

This is why I love the Jefferson. This is the view from the worst spot in the house:

The show was great, full of noise and dancing, but after a far too brief four hours of sleep I was on the road to work this morning. These are the situations when many people skip breakfast. I refuse. I will eat breakfast no matter what. In a pinch, I simply eat peanut or almond butter from single-serving squeeze packets, on-the-go.

Totally normal.

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4 Responses to Sunday funday

  1. kath says:


    Damn their outta bottles. Must go back for some on tap!

  2. mackenzie says:

    i love that we have matching desk pumpkins.

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