Charlottesville, to be continued

Hello from Charlottesville! I’m back in my old stomping grounds, allegedly for Kath and Matt’s housecooling party and a sweet concert at the Jefferson tonight. But let’s be serious, do I need an excuse to visit this place?

I arrived in town around 1:00 yesterday amid the game day craziness and festivities. My parents are also here visiting my little sister, but we drove separately because they left this morning- I know, I know, our collective carbon footprint is so large right now.

I immediately went for a run after I arrived. Oh, how my glutes have missed these hills! 

In all seriousness, I notice a huge difference in both my muscle tone and endurance from Charlottesville running vs. flat Northern Virginia running. It’s so much easier to train for hills when you have no other choice!

Then after spending some time with my family in my old my sister’s apartment, I went to Kath’s housecooling! What a fun event- full of great food, great drinks, and great company. I was so happy to meet so many fun and interesting people, bloggers and otherwise. Clearly we all had a few similar interests! Unfortunately, I did not take any pictures, even though I had my camera (why??) so I sniped a few from Kath (please and thank you!).


…and new friends!

Stephanie, Andrea, Jess, CaraFaithBrittany, Holly, Kath, Me.

I strongly regret not taking any food pics. I always use the excuse in other party settings that people would think it’s weird or not “get it”- but obviously that wasn’t the case at this event. I don’t know why I’m so hesitant. I think it’s lack of confidence in my photography skills (which are zero) and even slight embarrassment about my dinky point-and-shoot camera. I need to get over this, because an expensive camera wont compensate for meekness. Sigh.

Here is my housewarming gift! UVA colors, of course. I was so happy to see my them again in Kath’s breakfast post! Made my day 🙂

Also, it’s always fun to make friends who I think of as “food soul mates”- Brittany and I share some uncannily similar habits like only buying trail mix or wasabi peas as a single serving snack from bulk bins; who can be trusted with a whole container of that stuff?! Not these girls 😉

Speaking of foods I can’t be left alone with,  Brittany’s Red Pepper, Onion and Walnut Dip (Muhammara) was incredible! Must recreate soon.

The beers were also a highlight for me. New goal: befriend more home brewers, because I could get used to this:

Thank you, Kath and Matt, for a fabulous evening!

Speaking of beer, I’m off to Beer Run for pre-concert eats. I’m also in search of this alleged Butterbeer that I’ve read about. A beverage that merges my obsessions with beer AND Harry Potter?! Sounds too good to be true.

 I will report back on today’s activities (including Carter Mountain– wheee apple picking) soon- but I only have a few hours left to squeeze even more fun out of this fun-filled weekend. Beer Run, Jefferson Theatre, Ratatat, here I come!

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1 Response to Charlottesville, to be continued

  1. kath says:

    I think at a food blogger’s house it’s perfectly accepted to break out the camera 🙂

    Thanks for my wonderful flowers!!

    And how was the Pumking!?!?

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