Headstand, you are mine

So like any good yogi, I know that yoga is not about ego. Or comparing your practice to others’. Or pushing yourself into unsafe poses your body isn’t ready for.

But.. guys… I’ve really wanted to do a successful headstand. Without a wall. For a long time. And today… I did!!

Thank you, Dancing Mind Yoga!

I guess the $50 intro month paid off. Funny timing, too, because I was just thinking that I’m *almost* looking forward to the month ending because, as much as I love the studio, it’s just too far and I stress myself out trying to get there. I think I will treat myself to a drop in class there every once in a while, but I simply can’t afford it after that.

Still, I will forever think of it fondly as the location of my first real head stand 🙂

Though my main gripes with DMY is the distance from my house, which means if I want to go to class, I leave work at 5:00, go straight to the studio for the 6-7:30 class, and don’t get home until 8:15. Clearly I am not making any sort of elaborate dinner at 8:30 after I get out of the shower. This meal has been pretty clutch on those days:

Thai Peanut Tofu Shirataki Noodles!

Now, tofu shirataki noodles are tricky business. Admittedly, I first ordered them when I was quite unhealthy and would eat anything labeled low-cal, regardless of its tastes (or lack thereof, more likely). And as a rule of thumb, anything that seems to good to be true, or too low-cal to taste good, usually is. I tried several “Hungry Girl” (shudder) recipes for “faux-fettucini alfredo,” “faux-spaghetti and meatballs,” “faux-insert-delicious-but-high-cal-meal here.” None of them tasted a damn thing like the dishes they were supposed to replicate.

However, I found one recipe  that I actually love, and eat to this day! IT’s also super quick, and because the noodles are basically nothing, you can really load up on vegetables and protein without stuffing yourself.

Here’s the recipe for the sauce:

2 tlbps PB2 peanut butter

2 tlbps rice wine vinegar

1/2 tsp sugar

1 clove minced garlic

a few squirts of hot sauce

red pepper flakes

Mix the PB2 with water first, then add all of your other ingredients. Voila, you have a sauce.

Next, I prep the noodles while I sautee whatever vegetables I have on hand- anything that works with Asian stirfrys does nicely, I usually just use some red bell pepper and onion. As for prepping the noodles, refer to this guide. It takes some practice, but once you get it down it’s easy.

Next I add my protein, which can be anything, tonight was leftover shrimp (yum!) but I often dice up tofu and sautee that with the veggies.

Then, I add the noodles, coat everything with the sauce, and add some water if I need to thin it out.

A side of steamed broccoli and we have a dinner.

This sauce recipe is also AWESOME with soba noodles, but it’s a lot more filling so your portion will be smaller. And boiling water and cooking pasta is just not happening at 8:30 pm when you left the house at 6:30.

If I could make this sauce by the gallon and eat in once a week, I would. Hm.. I should look into this…

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