Never an anti-climactic birthday

Well, that about wraps up an epic three days of birthday celebration. And let me tell you, it was a strong three days.

So, Friday afternoon: after work and a mini-workout, I showered and got ready for my birthday night in the ladies’ locker room and headed straight into DC. I met up with friends at Busboys & Poets, which was such a great choice.

The place had an awesome menu and an even better atmosphere. It’s actually a  “restaurant, bookstore, fair trade market, and gathering place” according to their website, and the decor included drawings of various civil rights leaders and revolutionary figures all over the walls.  They also have lots of vegetarian options on the menu. Basically Stephanie, in restaurant form.

We ate in the Langston Room, here’s a picture from their website since you can see the decor better than in my picture, which is packed with people.

Since birthday dinners are always a no-guilt splurge meal, my friend Melinda and I shared an order of sweet potato fries to start. They were heavenly. Seriously, best sweet potato fries I’ve ever had. If you’re in DC, go here and order them, thank me later. I’m sure the side of sour cream for dunking didn’t hurt 😉

For dinner I got a poached-pear salad topped with crab cake, also delicious and uber filling. I was already over-the-top full when this little surprise came out:

I know, “Happy Bradday”? The waitress explained the mix-up but I didn’t really follow, or care, I was just escatic about the cake. We passed it around the table and everyone enjoyed a few bites- with something this rich, that’s all I could handle.

The restaurant is in the heart of the U-street corridor, which also has a lot of bars and clubs. It was a long, fun night, and somehow the half a sleeve of Ritz crackers I ate upon getting back to my friend’s apartment at 3 am killed a potential hangover!

The next day we headed out to Virgin Mobile Festival at around 11 am for a full day of non-stop music, dancing, and general fesitval-ing.

The whole day was amazing and I saw some amazing performances, but the completely unexpected event that made my birthday came at around noon when a friend-of-a-friend, whom I’d never met before, handed me a VIP pass. In the VIP area, we got to hang out with the artists and their crews between sets, and enjoy FREE, unlimited alcohol and food. Thanks, Naomi! Happy birthday to meeee

Around 6 pm, between shows we stopped back into VIP for water and drinks. All of the sudden, we see pounds and pounds of Alaskan King Crab legs thrown on a table, ours for the taking. I’d never seen crab legs like this- huge chunks of delicious crab meat the size of a golf ball, that you barely had to work for. I can get used to this sort of crab picking!

We left the VIP zone for good after that- live music was our #1 priority, after all. Luckily you can take VIP swag to-go.

We particularly enjoyed the “Dance Forest,” which is what they called the stage where all of the DJs/ dance music artists performed. Look, it really does look like a forest!

Finally around 11pm the day came to an end and we dragged ourselves home. We all compared notes on our “festival feet”- i.e. the layer of dirt and muck caked over your feet from dancing in fields all day. I’m so mad at myself that I forgot to take a picture of my feet before washing them off, because they were quite a sight.

Between walking in 4 inch heels for literally 21 hours straight on Friday (6 am- 3 am Saturday morning), then getting trampled over in concert crowds and busting all of my running and high-heel induced blisters, my feet are still in laughably poor shape.

At least now they’re clean, but I’m still rocking the open blisters and torn toenails. Thank goodness I decided against a birthday pedicure until after the festival- what a waste that would have been. But I am now fully ready to have un-funky feet for the first time since… well, a long time ago. I trained for and ran a half-marathon, give me a break!

If the birthday weekend was any indication, 22 is going to be a good year.

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2 Responses to Never an anti-climactic birthday

  1. Sounds like a great birthday weekend. You look great in your pics! Happy Belated Birthday!!

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