Birthday dinner, round one.

I am officially 22 today. Yikes!

Determined to avoid an anti-climactic 22nd birthday, I have a fun-filled weekend planned. I hope to report back with lots of photographic evidence by Sunday, but for preview: Friday night dinner at Busboys & Poets. U-Street bar hopping. Rounded out by a Saturday filled with live music at Virgin Mobile Festival. Not bad, right?

Also, I’d like to thank the IT gods for breaking my desk computer yesterday, because I got to work from home today. Actually, Starbucks, but close enough.

No commute = three extra hours to myself on my birthday?! I’ll take that. Gave me time to do some of the lame girly grooming things I’ve been neglecting- e.g. eyebrow waxing appointment, bang trimming. And I actually got to enjoy one of my all-time favorite past times that I have missed so much since I started working: wandering aimlessly around the grocery store!

AND one of my nomadic musician friends who works at Starbucks once in a blue moon while he’s in town happened to be working- for the first and only day in months! So I essentially got to hang out with him all day while I worked.

AND the weather is hot and sunny, just how I like it, end of summer say what?! I tell ya, the universe was really looking out for me today.

For the family birthday dinner, instead of going out, we decided to order in from a casual Middle Eastern DC-area chain called Moby Dick’s. What a great choice, look at this spread:

I got the fish kabob (swordfish) over salad. The fish was awesome! My dad claims it was too salty, which is probably why I liked it. And why I’m always full of water. Such is life.

But the best part of eating Middle Eastern is drunking yummy bread into various unidentified, unpronouncable sides. In this case, homemade hummus (that one I can identify AND pronounce), plus various yogurt sauces (Mast-o Kheyar), and an incredible eggplant one (Kashk-o Bademjan)- definitely had to consult the menu for those.

And that bottle of red came from the Northern Virginia Wine Festival last weekend, some sort of blend from the Cardinal Point Winery called “Autumn Red.” Super fruity and *almost* too sweet for my taste, but actually delicious! Good choice, Pops 😉

I was pretty stuffed afterward but made room for a (semi) light dessert of angel food cake. My mom topped hers with whipped cream and strawberries, but I thought the batch of strawberries looked pretty lackluster, plus we have a few almost-past-their-prime peaches hanging around that I desperately want to use, since the season is now over 😦

So… compote!

I just cooked down a peach with some sugar, then threw it over the angel food cake with some whipped cream. Perfect!

I’ll report back after this weekend’s eating, drinking, and musical festivities. I really love that calories don’t count on your birthday, don’t you?

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2 Responses to Birthday dinner, round one.

  1. kath says:

    Happy Birthday!! come to Cville and I’ll buy you a birthday yogurt 🙂

    • goeatapeach says:

      thank you maam! fro yo was the one thing missing from my birthday weekend, even as i enjoyed the angel food cake with peach compote i thought of how quickly i would trade it in for archs or sweet frog…

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