Leisure sweat

So I’ve been referencing my complete and total lack of free time, e.g. leaving the house at 6:15-6:30 AM and returning after 8 PM. Then this afternoon I realized: I have not had a workout shorter than 90 minutes in the last three weeks. Between half training and 1.5 hour yoga classes at a studio 40 minutes from my house,  no wonder my days are so long, sheesh!

As a result, it felt so amazingly good to have a simple, short workout today. One where I was sweaty but not drenched, heart rate up but not gasping for breath. A “leisurely sweat session,” if you will. I think anyone who considers themselves an athlete at times feels pressured to push themselves intensely during every workout. Today, when I completed an easy 35 minute jog with no mileage or time goal in mind, it felt WONDERFUL. Sometimes I need to ease up on myself and appreciate what a 4 mile run and 15 minute ab session is: a good workout! Even if I’m not exhausted afterward.

Anyway, the quick workout got me home a precious 45 minutes earlier, which meant I actually had time to help throw together dinner! It was a good one, too.

It’s squash season again!! Even though I’m sad about the summer fruits that are going out of season- R.I.P. til next year, peaches 😦 – I do love me some squash, and PUMPKIN! Pumpkin is definitely my fall/winter version of peaches: a favorite, a staple. a go-to, an obsession.

Tonight we made squash fries, which are really just strips of squash tossed in EVOO, garlic gold nuggets, pepper, and I think some cumin? Baked at 400 degrees, then broiled for the last few minutes of cooking.

I read somewhere (I think in a kale chip recipe) that when you’re baking or roasting veggies, you shouldn’t season with salt before they’re cooked; apparently it draws out the water and makes them soggy? It makes sense, it just seems like such a common thing to season with salt beforehand so I’m not sure.

The shrimp had great flavor (another simple marinade of EVOO, red pepper flakes, and garlic pepper) but the texture was a little off. It is so hard to keep shrimp from getting dry or chewy! Usually grilling is pretty fool proof, but we did these in the oven using a grill basket and I still think they were a little over done. Maybe 30 seconds less next time.

Oh, and some morrocan couscous too, with slivered almonds on top. Made from a box- I know, I know.. shameful.

Oh, also, Tine forgot to send me these gems from the half marathon

That’s me limping zooming across the finish line!

Not sure when this was.. maybe an announcement at the finish line while we were running.

I added them to the race post, and also edited the language. Who WAS that person who couldn’t seem to construct a properly spelled, grammatically correct sentence in that post? I swear I have an English degree. I promise it wasn’t the Starr Hill, I only had one! Oh well, maybe one shouldn’t blog on the brink of exhaustion. Also my “o” key is broken so you’ll see a lot of “oo” typos until I get it fixed, sorry!

Return to yoga tomorrow night, perhaps? Gotta get my $$’s worth from that 30 day pass while I can!

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