Tapering shmapering

Ahh, a rare peak into my lunchtime eats. Documenting my weekday breakfasts and lunches probably wont become a pattern, for various logistical reasons. But, I bring some version of this guy for lunch approx 3x a week. Sometimes I get crazy and use some chick peas instead of tofu- only if I’m feeling extra spunky that day.

Today’s bowl (tupperware?): Baby spinach, red onion, orange bell pepper, baby carrots, Indian masala tofu (!!)

Isn’t that tofu crazy looking?! I got it last weekend in Cville at Integral Yoga Natural Foods (oh how I miss you) while I was stocking up on Twin Oaks tofu. It was pretty pricey, $3+ for this package compared to the $1 something I paied for a big old block of Twin Oaks garden herb (<3), but it was yummy! And gotta love when you don’t have to season or press it at all.

This was my first time using raw tofu, but when I stood at my fridge at 10:30 last night, teetering with exhaustion and soo tempted to just go to bed and pack a lunch in the morning, anything that required sauteeing-baking-roasting-microwaving was clearly out of the question. I spotted this stuff, unopened, and saw “enjoy raw on salads.” Ding ding ding, we have a lunch!

… and my Lululemon water bottle, just for fun. My coworkers know me too well- they got me this guy at the end of my internship last summer. It’s secretly why I came back to the company once I graduated 🙂 But seriously, who doesn’t love daily inspiration on their water bottle?

And now, my grand plans for getting my race packet a day in advance, cooking a nice dinner, and resting have gone out the window. Tapering, shmapering, it is too nice to stay in doors! I don’t think a short bike ride will hurt my half marathon time too much, and if it does- well worth it. Off to hit the trails via two wheels!

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