NYC weekend, part 2

This title is slightly misleading, I left off with only one or two New York meals to document, but still- makes the trip sound more extensive, doesn’t it?
Anyway, no NYC trip would be quite complete without a visit to ‘Snice, my favorite vegetarian sandwich shop. There stuff is a little pricey but SO GOOD! The portions are generous and they definitely use high quality ingredients, so the price isn’t too exorbitant. This time around I got the sushi sandwich:

“toasted baguette, wasabi nayonaisse, plum sauce and pickled ginger layered between tofu, avocado slices, carrot, cucumbers with toasted black sesame seeds and shredded nori”

I don’t know if my sandwich really had all that, but it was pretty bangin nonetheless. Must recreate.

…Then my camera died, so no pic o the sandwich. It tasted better then it looked, anyway.

Fast forward to Monday, Labor Day, after a night of rest at my grandmother’s beach house in Brooklyn.

I don’t know if any other runners training for a race do this, but I’ve found that my best days for long runs are actually Mondays. Now, this probably relates to my crazy weekend schedule of the past month, but hear me out: if I plan my longest runs for Saturday or Sunday, they’re on my mind all week. I’m worried about what fun plans I might have to turn down because of a run. I sometimes even hold myself back in my other workouts during the week because I’m afraid I’ll wear myself out before my long runs.

Mondays or Tuesdays work much better for me- I often take one or both weekend days as a rest day, or a yoga day, so my legs feel rejuvenated. And, I get it out of the way in the beginning of the week, and my workouts feel much more carefree after that.

So, even though I was tired from the weekend and the drive back from New York, I soldiered on. I wolfed down a CCNO bar (another Cville gem) and headed out 30 minutes after I arrived home.

These things are in situations like these- want to exercise, haven’t eaten in awhile, but no time to prepare, eat and digest a meal. I’m pretty sensitive to any food in my tummy while running, and this is oone of the few things that give me enough energy to sustain a long run without weighing me down. The key in these situations is calorie density- something that provides a lot of calorie bang for the buck, and has a fair amount of carbohydrates- bars like these usually fit the bill.

Sure enough, the bar did the trick and got me through the longest run of my life: over 13 miles! It wasn’t my best run in terms of speed or energy, but it was my last run before the half-marathon mini-taper, and I really wanted to cross the 13 mile threshold so that I feel fully confident for the race Saturday.

And speaking of Saturday’s race, I am trying my hardest to get enough sleep in the nights leading up to the race (far easier said than done since I wake up at 5-530 AM), so I’ll cut this one short. If only I could ever actually fall asleep before 1130…

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