The perks of being a wallflower

.. I am not a wall flower. But leaving super early for a weekend in New York tomorrow gives me a perfect excuse to be a loaner and have an EXTREMELY quiet Friday night to myself, and I couldn’t be happier 🙂

Food/Exercise Re-cap for today:

I’m still a nomadic yogi at this point (ie without a regular studio). And I’m trying to do as much yoga as possible to cancel out the physical stress of half-marathon training. Seems to be working- I’m staying pretty loose and have very little soreness.

So, I tried out yet another new yoga studio today, Dancing Mind Yoga in Falls Church. This worked out beautifully because I had dinner plans two miles up the road at Sunflower, my first venture into vegetarian cuisine in the NOVA/DC area.

The studio was great. It was my first ever hot vinyasa class. I, like many others, mistakenly thought for a long time that Bikram was the only style of hot yoga- not so. And let me tell you, a vinyasa flow class in a 95 degree room is by far the best “workout” I’ve ever gotten from a yoga class. Don’t get me wrong, you sweat a lot during Bikram, but you’re just holding poses. All the up, down, up, down of a vinyasa class, combined with the heat.. my, I will be sore tomorrow.

And the studio was pretty! They have a cute lotus flower logo painted on the wall.

However, crucial flaw in my perfect afternoon of hippie-ness: I didn’t realize that Dancing Mind didn’t have showers. Drenched in sweat, dinner plans in 15 minutes, and no showers. Yikes. Good thing they sold scented wipes that made me smell slightly less offensive.. this makes me think others have experienced this same unfortunate surprise at this studio.

Sunflower was decent, but I have to say a little disappointing. The menu was huge, so I probably just ordered the wrong thing, but the dish I ordered (“Wheat Gluten with Fermented Black Bean Sauce) just seemed like an over-sauced Chinese restaurant entree, but with tofu instead of chicken. Soo salty too, I’m full of water right now- can I get an amen for stretchy pants?

The wonton soup, however, was perfect. Wonton soup is one of my comfort foods, it reminds me of childhood, and I haven”t had it (obviously) since I jumped on the pescatarian bandwagon. I’d like to go back to this place and try a different entree.

Now that I’ve FINALLY got my own camera up and running, I should (fingers crossed) be able to document my weekend eats in one of the great culinary capitals of the world: NYC! On the horizon: pizza, street cart food, Magnolia Bakery’s banana pudding, and free yoga (!!) at Yoga to the People. Updates to follow.

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