the first commandment of marathon training…

1) “Thou shalt cross-train.”

Ok, half marathon training. But still. I can understate how important cross-training is to runners. Or anyone who exercises. Too many people burn themselves out because they do the same exercise over and over. As much as I love running, my ADD self simply cannot repeat the same fitness routine too many days in a row. After 12 miles yesterday, I didn’t feel remotely excited to run today. If I had ignored this and run anyway, it would’ve been just been a half-assed workout that left me frustrated.

Others, however, don’t burn themselves out on a particular exercise- particularly runners or cyclists- but they never get the body they really want. Our bodies are ridiculously adaptable, so they asjust to whatever strain we put it through. Think about marathon runners you see on TV- do they ever have your ideal body? Probably not. Probably, your ideal body would be a volleyball player or triathlete. This is because they crosstrain, not only with cardio but lots of calestheics and strength work. Cardio is not the be all and end all of fitness, my friends. Not by a long shot.

I practice what I preach. Today, I cheated on my husband (running) with my slam piece on the side: cycling. Nothing beats a good spin class when you have a short dress to wear that night.

I also personally ascribe to the church of Bridget Jones’s Diary, and Bridget knows the value of cycling as well.

(Scene where Bridget pulls herself out of her pit of despair, throws away her cigarettes and man-centric self-help books, quits her job, etc- exercise is all about empowerment, ladies.)

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