cville love affair, continued

Well, that wraps up another exhausting but fun weekend away. This time, Cville was my destination. On the agenda: see friends, go to the Damian Marley & Nas concert at the Pavilion, eat fresh & buy local at the farmers market, meet up with Kath for my favorite yoga class at Ashtanga Yoga, and enjoy my old delicious Cville food staples.

After a later-than-expected start on Saturday morning, we ended up missing the market 😦 But we did stop at an awesome farmer’s produce store on the way! I’ve never been to anything like it, but it was great- just like a permanent farmer’s market.

**pics to come**

Right when I got into town I took advantage of the beatiful weather and went for a quick run- MY do my legs miss the Cville hills! It really makes a difference with my muscle tone in my legs. I notice that when I’m in NOVA, if I only run, my legs wont look very toned, just thin. I have to cycle and strength train to build muscle. I’m not saying hills replace that, but I do think running in Cville provides a great strength workout that helped me build a lot of leg muscle- I’ll have to just suck it up and take advantage of the incline button on the treadmill.

I ended my run, covered in sweat, with Kath at the new fro-to place downtown- Sweet Frog! Oh my. If this place existed when I still went to UVA, I never would have gone to Arch’s. If anyone has been to 16 Handles in New York- just like that. I’ll steal pics from Kath since I didn’t bring my camera…

Since I was post-run, pre-yoga, I considered getting a nice refreshing combo of green tea yogurt and fruit. Instead I got peanut butter and cake batter fro yo with bananas and chocolate sprinkles- just can’t resist the PB!

Afterwards I introduced Kath to my favorite yoga studio, Ashtanga Yoga Charlottesville, and their amazing $5 community class. As a poor undergrad, I couldn’t bring myself to spend for a real studio. But after years of mediocre instructors and lackluster classes at the university rec center, I found this hidden gem. Ashtanga is a great studio, and the difference between a good studio class and a mediocre rec center one is like night and day. Yoga shouldn’t be at all elitist or exclusive, so I really appreciate when studios try to make yoga more affordable to the masses. This class is great- some vinyasa flow, lots of meditation, and you’re practicing right above Mas, one of the best restaurants in town- sometimes you can smell them cooking for that night’s dinner rush 🙂

Again, stolen from Kath:

That night before the concert I had dinner at my old standby, Rev Soup. Rev Soup is so quintessential Charlottseville to me. It’s a simple place with delicious food, and they included locally sourced ingredients on their menu waaay before it was trendy to do so. They’ve recently upped the ante on their organic-local-seasonal-food game- they purchased their own farm! I try to never leave Cville without a meal of their Spicy Peanut Tofu soup.

I went straight from Rev Soup to the outdoor Charlottesville Pavilion for the concert. Such a great show, I’m a huge fan of general admission seating because I like to get as close to the stage as possible without paying front-row ticket prices 🙂 Damian Marley’s dreadlocks were down to his ankles, it was impressive. Great people-watching too, reggae shows are always great for seeing some good hippie-dancing.

After a long night of great tunes and great friends, waking up this morning was a little rough. But, I was already looking forward to lunch as soon as I got out of bed. Sidenote: I’m a bit obsessed with hole-in-the-wall, authentic, hidden-treasure sort of restaurants. I’m also a bit obsessed with tacos. Enter La Michaocana, the home of the best $2 taco you will ever eat:

Cash only, a staff that barely speaks English, and tacos that taste straight from Mexico. Some of the best food in Cville was completely unappreciated by UVA students, and this place is exhibit A.

After a weekend of great eats and great peeps, I’m exhausted and ready for bed.  Have a great start to the workweek!

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