millions of peaches… etc

Apparently I not only ate a ton of peaches at the lake this weekend, but I encouraged others to do the same.. and documented it.

That’s right, after a few too many beers, don’t order a pizza- grab a peach! Just as delicious, I swear… see how happy we all look!?
In other news, a small change has drastically improved my quality of life this week, especially regarding health/exercise. I finally got access to the fitness facilities at my workplace, and what a perk! We have a cardio room, weight room, pool, track, and miles of shady trails around a big scenic lake. My day is sooo much better when I exercise right after work instead of when I get home. It is SO hard to motivate yourself to get back up once youre home. Now, I’m relaxed instead of tense when I leave work, and I can eat dinner as soon as I walk in the door!

I highly recommend this strategy for anyone who wakes up too early to exercise in the morning, and have trouble motivating themselves at night after a long day at work. Even if your office doesn’t have a gym, look into joining one nearby. If that’s not an option, try running outside before you drive home. It’s a great, efficient way to consolidate your day and save time.

Whenever I complain about my commute, which I will, remind me that I get to run and workout here:

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