millions of peaches…

After a brief hiatus, I’m back! I know once I get this thing fully up and running I wont be able to take such long breaks from the blog if I want people to keep reading, but that’s just it… there’s a lot of nuts and bolts to starting a blog, and I happened to start this just as I started a new job. I moved office locations last week, and after new 1.5 hour commute, and (hopoefully) a trip to the gym, I just didn’t have the energy to start fiddling with my camera and computer at 8 pm.

Normally I would save that stuff for the weekend, but instead I spent the weekend dooing this:

and eating these…

That’s right. Eastern shore of Maryland. Boating, fresh crabs caught right in the backyard, and farm stands with fresh peaches every mile.

Now, I didn’t intend this blog to have a frequent peach theme. I just thought it was a clever title- you know, the Allman Brother’s Band album, instructing people to eat healthy, my favorite fruit… it was a musical reference, a personality quirk, and a positive message all rolled into one neat little pun. But that has all changed.

I’m currently nursing a 2-3 peach/day habit. Let me tell you, I stocked up on the drive to and from Maryland. I have one with breakfast, one with lunch, and then sometimes chop one up and top it with whipped cream and graham crackers for dessert.  But it doesn’t stop there. One of the (many) farm stands where I stopped had homemade peach salsa. It. is. divine.

So, a proposition: if you only do one healthy thing for yourself in the next month, don’t make it something unenjoyable. Go seek out some fresh local peaches, and include one somewhere in your diet a few times a week, until the end of peach season. I swear on all that is delicious and healthy that you will not regret it.

Hurry, one month count down to the end of peach season starts…. now!

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