Back to the work week

Even though I had a lovely, relaxing Sunday that included a delicious dinner prepared by my mother and I, I didn’t take any pictures so I’ll give you the cliff’s notes version:

Grilled shrimp and scallops

Grilled eggplant with fresh basil leaves (from Martha Stewart Living- so good and EASY! Make this immediately- eggplant are in season now and if you have fresh basil from your garden, this is the absolute perfect summer side dish).

Red quinoa with balsamic vinegar and chopped broccoli.

Our weekday dinner wasn’t quite as intense but still pretty great, and I have pictures!

Tilapia grilled in a foil packet with sprigs of fresh rosemary, olive oil and lemon juice, and rubbed with salt and pepper:

Some delicious spinach dish that my mom made for which I don’t have a recipe 😦

And the piece de resistance…

Balsamic grilled peaches! Oh man, I will be so sad when peach season ends.. I’m a bit obsessed, if you couldn’t tell from the frequency with which I eat these things. Or, you know, the name of the blog.  These are just rubbed in a little balsamic before you put them face done on the grill, and they’re bangin. No need to defeat the health benefits of fruit-and-dessert with butter and sugar.

Speaking of health, half marathon training continues. I was exhausted when I got home after a long commute, but I want to make sure I keep up with speed work and strength training and not just slow, long distance runs. I;m worried about losing muscle tone with this training, and if I’m constantly running 12 miles at a time I’ll a) never improve my speed and b) never have energy to do toning work/strength trainig. So even though I was exhausted, I told myself I didn’t have to run that long- just run fast! That did the trick. I even knocked out some abs after that.

My day=done.

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